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 About The Boston Charity Concert


The Boston Charity Concert began in 2011 when Boston musicians came together to support those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since then, we have provided support by donating musical instruments to the Japanese Red Cross Society and schools in the disaster area. From 2013 onwards, we have been supporting the Boston community's senior music program and other organizations, such as local refugee support groups.

The concert also aims to connect children through ensemble performance and provide them with an opportunity to contribute to society through music. Each year, groups are selected via auditions and give wonderful performances to the community.

We sincerely appreciate your warm support for this charity concert.

Thank you very much for your kindness and consideration.

                             Akiko Tsukamoto

                     President, The Boston Charity Concert






​                                       塚本晶子


Read the reports of previous grant recipients. 


2013 JBline  2014 Tewassa  2016 JBLine  2017 RQI  2017 JBLine  

2018 JBLine   2018 LexRAP  2019 LexRAP 

2021 Artist Relief   2022 JBLine  2022 Ukraine Relief 

2023 JBLine

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