About The Boston Charity Concert


 The Boston Charity Concert was first organized by local musicians as a benefit concert in support of victims of the Great Tohoku Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. We successfully organized four concerts and were able to raise over a thousand dollars that were donated to proper relief organizations in Japan.

 Since 2013, we expanded our support to any nonprofit organization in the Greater Boston Area. The Boston Charity Concert also aims to provide an exciting performance opportunity for the next generation of young musicians. Every year, gifted student ensembles provide performances for the community after they are selected by audition.

 ボストンチャリティコンサートは 2011年東日本大震災被災地支援のためにボストンの音楽家たちが集まり始まりました。その後日本赤十字や被災地の学校へ楽器を送るプログラムなどを支援させていただき、2013年からは被災地のみならず、ボストンエリアのNPO団体のご支援をさせていただいております。



                                      Akiko Tsukamoto

                                      President, The Boston Charity Concert 


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